Founded on a simple philosophy: an understanding of the true value of being informed before purchasing a property no matter what location or state.

We help turn concepts and strategies into results providing a unique service for you, specialising on performing due diligence to all aspect of property locating and purchasing. This is achieved by 4 key principals, Research, Quality, Honesty and Customer Service.


Making quality decisions around property investments requires data, real data. Not the sort of data you find on sales websites or the glossy brochures.

At Property Locator delve beneath the surface to truly research and locate property opportunities that match your investment criteria. In that research we consider:

  • Demographics & Location
  • Local (suburb) market trends
  • Tenancy Demand
  • Town planning & ownership considerations
  • Builder reputation
  • Investment quality
  • Capital Growth

We understand everyone is time poor let us take the guess work out of your next property purchase by being fully informed before you sign on the dotted line, use our skill, expertise and knowledge to help benefit your next purchase and have peace of mind.

We work across a broad range of residential property types including:

  • House & Land packages
  • Apartments
  • Town Houses & Villas
  • Existing & Off-the-Plan stock
  • FIRB approved stock
  • City, Suburban & Rural

Kathy Jarvis

Hello, My name is Kathy and I am the principal of Property Locator. I have years of real estate experience and have built a successful personal property portfolio built on the same fundamentals & techniques as the services we provide at Property Locator.

I am very passionate about the Real Estate industry and understand this can be a daunting industry to navigate without experience, yet on the other hand there are so many great opportunities out there. As a fully licensed real estate holder let me help you start building your wealth creating portfolio as if you have all the relevant and correct information relating to the property this is the first step.


We introduce quality Builders to qualified Sales Consultants to create great outcomes for investors.


We work with independent Sales Consultants to identify potential inventory they may offer to their clients. We provide the backroom research and analysis allowing Sales Consultants to focus on closing deals in the knowledge they are providing well researched stock to present to their clients.

With researched and validated property selection, we make sure you are putting your best foot forward and maintaining your reputation, ultimately growing your client base with strong referrals.

We are able to offer:

  • Access to boutique projects
  • FIRB approved stock
  • Independent research on
  • Turnkey packages
  • Validate Marketing material
  • Stock management & availability
  • Opportunities Australia wide

Contact us to see how we can streamline sales and improve the return on your next project.


We work with reputable builders and developers to grow your sales channel and minimise your sales expense. Through our network we are able to offer your product to a broad sales channel that spans across the country and increasingly overseas.

We are able to offer:

  • Access to professional Sales Consultants across Australia
  • Clients with pre-approved finance
  • Relationships with Mortgage Brokers & Solicitors to speed the sale process
  • Clients with a portfolio approach
  • Sales for boutique projects along with larger developments
  • Marktet feedback and sales reporting

Contact us to see how we can streamline and expand the product you offer to your clients.


Please feel free to get in contact and see how we can work with you.

Kathy Jarvis - Principal
Phone: 0447 011 170

Real Estate Licence: 20052635


See what our partners think:

“I really appreciate you providing your thorough research on the location, developer and insight into each project that you recommend. There is so much integrity and ethics behind what you do. You have made my job so much easier when consulting with clients, as I totally trust your research skills and your highly ethical approach towards each client we help."

-Stephanie Jones

“As a boutique property operation we place a high emphasis on the quality and research behind the opportunities we present to our clients. The partnership we have with Property Locator delivers just this in an honest and supportive way. The research, strict selection and ethics of the company gives me the confidence that my clients will succeed and that we will continue to grow"

-Emma Allen. Active Property Investing

“As a builder one of my main aims is to sell the package once with no fall overs. By using Property Locator this has been the case as their clients have pre-approved finance in place ready to purchase. Time is of the essence in today’s world so saving time is good for business."


“I have found the process dealing with Property Locator to be professional and efficient with all their clients who have built through us having finance in place"